make one field mandatory based on picklist selection of another field in table

Pat we really like your taste in music.  You probably didn’t realize that your music player was on,  but it came through loud and clear on your video…  Unfortunatly your question - not so much… 

But from the title of your post - we’d reccomend you implement this in a validation rule in standard salesforce.  We don’t have any way of accomplishing that directly in Skuid. 

LOL!!! Too funny.

Yeah. I sometimes forget about the basics in salesforce. Validation rule fits the bill.

Will this ever be accomplished out of the box? The SFDC dependent picklists and page layouts allowed me to make a field required but when there’s no data to be entered, allowed me to save the edits/creation.  Think Loss Reason when an Opp goes to Closed/Lost; 

I don’t know how to do that in Skuid (have gone the Validation Rule route) but it seems more difficult than it needs to be.