Make child object fields search in a table

I know that you can add child objects and their fields to a table, but once you add these fields you cannot use the search feature to find records with child objects with a certain text.

Nate, in what context are you using child object search? If there are few enough records that you can pull them all in to your Skuid page, then you might be able to use Client-side search , which supports search on Child Relationship fields. This only makes sense if you are able to pull in all relevant records into the table before hand, e.g. if you were on an Account detail page and had a Cases table, and wanted to search on Case Comments as well for any of those Cases, this would be okay because there’s a limited number of Cases to retrieve, so you could remove the Limit clause on your Cases model, add a Child Relationship to the Cases model to retrieve Case Comments, and then turn on Client-side Search on your Cases table, then you could search on the Case fields as well as CaseComment child relationship fields.

Thank you for the response! Is it possible to add a child field to the search field option in the table properties? This way I can search on this field on the table and not everything on the table?

Unfortunately no, it currently is not possible to do this. We’ll add this to our to-do list.


We were having this same issue. We were unable to search on related fields that were visible within the table.

As a work-around we created a template field for each of the related fields (account name in our instance) and then used the following template:

Allow HTML = TRUE 
<A Href = "/{{{Account__c}}}"; Target = "_Blank"> {{Account.Name}} </A>