Lookup popup not refreshing after deleting search text - Skuid Summer '14 RC6

First things first - Lookup Popup feature is awesome and a very welcome addition to Skuid! Having a problem with the refresh of the items in the list. Upon initial display, the search field contains the value of the currently selected referenced field. Upon deleting the value in the search field textbox, the list does not update. However, if I type something in the search field textbox and then delete that text, the list refreshes to “all” values. Steps to reproduce: 1) Ensure a reference field contains a valid value 2) Click the “hourglass” to display the lookup popup 3) Select the text in the search field textbox and hit the delete key or backspace key Actual Behavior: The only item listed in the table is the one that was selected for the field when invoking the popup Expected Behavior: The search results should display all available Sample Page: Removed since I can’t seem to locate the “pre” button any longer and adding in pre HTML elements doesn’t appear to be working?


Yep, that’s a bug. We’ll log it and get it addressed in a future release. Thanks for helping us make Skuid better!

Hey J - This appears to be resolved in the 5.8 release. Can you confirm?