Lookup Filter Not working properly on a skuid page

I have Look up filter on a lookup field called Contact name On the Case sObject.

Basically the filter I had says that when we you choose an account from Accounts lookup field, only those contacts which are related to the account selected in the above field should be displayed. This filter condition is working fine on a native salesforce layout.

But when I have my skuid page on new button to create a case, this Filter condition is not working.

Therefore all the contacts are showing up.

How do I solve this issue? Do i have to any condition on the skuid page?



Here’s how to solve your issue

There are multiple ways , but here’s an example assuming you have 2 models : Accounts and Contact

In builder, on the Account field named “Contact” (lookup reference) , click on it then select the filter tab

And basically add one that says: (contact model) AccountID = Field from another model Id(account model)

or you can use = page parameter, if the account ID is part of it…

Here’s a Screenshot

hope it helps

Thanks Dave. but i solved the issue by reading tutorials about Lookup filters.