Lookup Filter in Multi Select options Filter (Allow Filters on lookup field to show only limited val


In Multi Select Options filters for reference (Lookup) fields right now there is not way to restict only specific records like By Record Type or Any other filter.

Right now when we use a lookup field as multi select options filter then it will show all records that are related to that lookup object. But in some case we want only limited number off account that fulfill our criteria  that may be base on Record Type Or Status Or any other field.

Here is use Case:

1.) We have Property object that have a lookup field to Account 
2.) Account have various record type as REO, Business Account, Customer etc.
3.) In Skuid page properties table we want to add a multi select filter that will allow user to select multiple account in filter, so only properties that are related to specified account will be show in result.
4.) That will show all accounts that are related to any record type will be shown in auto search for Account filter when we type a name of account, but we want to limit it to only “REO” record type account.

So it will be good for us there will be a way to limit it to record type basis, so unnecessary account will not be shown.