Lookup filter from updated field

When does the statement for the lookup filter activate? On the page load?

I am attempting to use the lookup filter based on a field that is updated in the same page. For example, if a user selects an Account in Field1 we want Field2 to show only contacts for that Account specified in Field1.

Right now, this is not working for us. I plugged an Account name in the filter and it works fine, but when I try to use Field1 to filter Field2 it will not work.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.


Does this tutorial http://help.skuid.com/m/models-conditions-filters/l/102521-lookups-and-lookup-filters or this one http://help.skuid.com/m/models-conditions-filters/l/102657-filter-by-related-objects help?


Hi Karen,

Thanks for the quick response. The first link does address lookup filters, but it doesn’t specify when the lookup filter action takes place. I’m guessing on the page load? I want the lookup filter to activate once I select an Account on the same page as the lookup field with the lookup filter. Is this possible?