Lookup field search doesn't return results after Brooklyn update

After the Brooklyn update, lookup fields aren’t returning results when the user types in a value.  Using the magnifying glass search works, but not if the user directly types in a value.  The blue wheel just spins and never returns a result.  I made sure all the search fields were added to the model, but the no result is still an issue.  This is happening across the skuid on Salesforce.  All lookup fields don’t return results.  

Any ideas on how to fix?

This is the first we are hearing about this. The functionality is working for me currently on 10.0.2.

What did you upgrade from and what are you now on? 

Can you create a very basic reproduction page using standard objects and post the XML below?

Sorry for the delayed answer.  I just found the root cause of the issue.  It was due to a missing field from a model.  For some reason it wasn’t an issue before upgrading to Brooklyn, so we assumed it was due to the Brooklyn upgrade since no changes were made except the Brooklyn upgrade. All set.  Thanks!

Thanks for getting back to us. We’re glad to hear you have it all set up and working.