Lookup field customization


We have a requirement to display additional columns as well as filters on lookup popup. When user clicks on magnifying glass next to lookup field text box, only name field is displayed on popup. we need to add additional columns to this table as well as option to filter records based on other filters on page. Is there a way out to do this?



Clicking on the reference field will give you its properties:

Under Search you can add fields to the display and search templates, which should give you the additional columns that you’re looking for. you may be able to add filters with the Filters tab, but I think those are static.

thanks Matt but this doesn’t resolve issue. If you look at following screenshot, when i click on magnifying glass, this screen pops up. it only has search on the basis of name and column displayed is name only. i need to add additional filters as well as additional columns here.

Hmm. Have you played with the search template and display template? I could be wrong, but I was pretty sure one of them will add columns to the popup.

Yes Matt. Played around with them. display template gives me additional columns in type ahead box but not in popup window.

And the search template? The search template should work for the popup. (I confirmed on a page I’m running).

You could also try adding the fields to the Search Fields.

Scroll to the bottom of this post and see if this helps.


Sunny, Matt is leading you on the right track. He just didn’t take you quite far enough.

Look at the left hand side of this picture at the “search fields” section. Currently it suggests you are only searching on the Name Field. Select the header and you will be able to add additional fields here.

Unfortuately you can not add specific filters to this automatically generated popup screen. Sorry.

thanks Rob.

It seems this option is not available when we have SOSL search enabled.

Yes, you are right.  Sorry.  Because SOSL uses an alternate data store to provide its data, we cannot include additional fields in that search.