Looking to Hire Skuid Coach Per Hour Certified Ideally

need to have a skuid tutor/coach to help in basics fundaments and troubleshooting

Hi Joe. I can assist you. It’s my favourite type of work. Pat

Hi Pat, thank you great, what rates would you charge, can you tell me ur expertise, i’m assuming ur certified yes?  Thanks for the fast response, i see you post a lot here!

Fairly decent rates I think. Some might think it’s high, some low. $125/USD. Also have a managed service we’re rolling out in the coming weeks. Basically on retainer and you can use banked hours for project hour at anytime.

Hi Pat thanks for the reply.  We are currently getting from Skuid direct $90 hour was a promotion.  Are you direct at skuid?  We also have expertise in SF from unwork we hire that do work for us $16-$30/hr different expertise levels…

Skuid direct provides it @ $90 USD/hr?!? Wow! Ok.

That’s way cheaper than before.  I’m embarrassed to say what they quoted me.

I can offer the training but I can’t reduce the price.

it was a special they ran end of december for basically essential support if you calculate the number of tickets it covers and time per ticket yes