Long Running Script Error

“Salesforce is not responding due to a long running script” Are there are any scripts that run for skuid that could be hung up in the background. We use all skuid pages and this error has been appearing for the past week. So far users have reported this issue when choosing the “Home” tab.

Can you describe what is on your Home tab? I’m assuming that it contains one or more Skuid Pages. What is in those Skuid Pages? Can you Grant Login Access to Skuid Support so that we can examine this? Here is how to do that: Page Not Found — Skuid v15.1.6 Documentation

Hi Zach, Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. The name of my home page is “HomePageWideArea”. It is made up of 5 tab sets. I have outlined each tab below. Please let me know if you need other information. Tab 1: Has two tables that are pulling from 2 different models. Tab 2: Has three tables pulling from 3 different models. Tab 3: Has two tables pulling from 2 different models Tab 4: Has a page include component of a separate skuid page and a table. Tab 5: Has a page include component of a separate skuid page and a table.

Hi Zach, Do you think this could have to do with the release as well? Thank you, Tami

Hi Tami, we have not been able to investigate this particular issue yet — can you Grant Login Access to Skuid Support again?

I have granted you login access. Please let me know if you need me to email you my OrgId. Thank you, Tami

Hi Tami, none of your company’s Orgs appear to have Login Access granted, can you send me the Org Ids and re-verify that you have granted access?

Tami, We have made 2 changes to your page, which should improve performance, but there is another change you can make as well which will also improve performance. CHANGES WE MADE 1. Turned on “Defer Tab Rendering” on the Tab Set component. This makes it so that Skuid only tries to build the contents of a Tab as needed — meaning, when the user actually goes to that Tab. This makes it so that Skuid has to do less work up front, and only does the work needed to show what the user is actually looking at. We highly recommend this feature, it can make pages load a lot faster. 2. We made your Page Include components “Lazy Load”, meaning that they will only load when the Tab that encloses them is selected. What this means for Tabs 4 and 5, which have Page includes, is that initially these Page Includes will not be loaded, but they will be loaded dynamically when users click to go to Tab 4 or 5. They’re only loaded once, not every time the user goes to those tabs, but Page Includes can also be a cause of slow loading / long running script errors. CHANGE YOU CAN MAKE - Reduce the number of rows initially retrieved into your Models, by changing the “Max # of Records (Limit)” property from “100” down to 10 or 25. Often you don’t need to pull in 100 records initially, as users will only ever look at the records on the screen, then they’ll Filter / Search, and totally change the set of records they’re looking at anyway, so those other 75 records will never be seen or used, and all they’re doing is slowing down the time it takes for Skuid to load a page.

Thank you! I will have the team test and see if this resolves the script running error.