Logged out more often with full UI override

Has anyone been prompted with the “you’ve been logged out, click ok to refresh the page” pop up when coming back to a tab that has a full override in place?  

Our log out times are very lax and I can be working in SFDC in another tab, but when I return to a tab after a while and try to make any changes or search, it tells me I need to refresh the page.  Anyone else seeing this?

Yes, a handful of users (but not all) have been seeing it a lot in our internal crm (where we have a full UI override) - it will popup with like 5 or 6 “you’re not logged in” messages, even when the session hasn’t expired. We’re looking into it.  Ideas, anyone?

Happening with one of our users, specifically on tabs in iOS safari.

Hi guys,

This has been happening a lot to a few of our users. Is there a resolution for it? I reached out to salesforce but they stated it was some sort of Apex Code issue.

Any help would be much appreciated!



What version of Skuid are you using? If you are on a version before Rockaway Point Release - Iteration 9, can you upgrade in a sandbox to the latest release here and see if that fixes the problem? [SKUID-2380] - Sessions Expiring Early when using JavaScript Remoting in iteration 9 was to address reports of what sounds like you are experiencing.