Lock Opportunity Line Item Model along with Opportunity while pending approval

We are using a Skuid page for Opportunities and a Table for displaying the Opportunity Line Items. We also just implemented an Approval Process for Opportunities. The fields are locked and cannot be edited while the record is pending approval, however the users can still edit fields in the components connected to the Opportunity Line Items, and possibly change discounts after approval! is there any better way to lock the Line Item fields too on the Skuid page, other than conditional rendering on all of them? in all, we had to set rendering conditions in a dozen or so components on the opportunity page. because we still want the user to be able to use some of our custom buttons even while the record is locked. any ideas?

I think you really want to solve this problem at the database level,  rather than merely in the UI.  If someone was only limited in the UI they could still find ways to change the discount rates.  (Conditional rendering is not true security…)

It looks like this is a known issue in the Salesforce community and has a number of solutions that I think would work well in Skuid.  

See these links: 




The solutions that use validation rules are espeically compelling - in that they can be set up declaratively and the error messages associated with them will show very elegantly in Skuid. 

I hope this helps.