Loading a page include, then an inline frame causes inline frame and other components to repeat over

I have a page with tabs. I had all tabs set for lazy page loads.
-In one tab, I have a simple inline frame template displaying a basic https website.  
-In another tab, I have a set of sub-tabs. One of these sub-tab components is a page include. 
-Both the inline and the page include work great on their own, however
-If I load the page include tab first and then I load the inline frame tab, the inline frame repeats over and over and over vertically. At least 25 times. 
-If I then view standard Skuid components on other tabs, these components also repeat time and time again vertically. 
-However, if I load the inline frame tab first, then the page include tab, everything works fine.
-This gave me a simple work around. I set the inline frame tab to load on page load and the page include to lazy load so the inline will always load first. This solved my problem, but it is something that should be looked at. 
Windows 7
Chrome Browser Version 43.0.2357.81 m

This sounds like a model name conflict.  My guess is that you have a model named the same on your base page and in your include page.  In your base page that model will only return one record,  while in the include page it returns 25 records.  Skuid components like Field Editor and Template can iterate over model data to show mulitple versions of themselves.  This is really powerful,  but in your situation it can cause some interesting side effects.  If you load the base page first (with its iFrame).  The components are bound to a model with one record and only show themselves once.  On the other hand, if you load the page include first - the components in the base page think the model in the include is the one they should be bound to and they repeat away…

Hopefully this resolves your issue. 

You guys are awesome. I change the name of the model in the page include to be different that the model name in the parent page and it fixed the problem. Thanks.