Load Skuid page without Salesforce header


I am trying to create a tab in Lightning which loads a Skuid page without the Salesforce header. The Skuid app seems to be doing this by opening the Launcher lightning component tab which redirects to https://–skuid.visualforce.com/apex/PageList. How is Skuid able to achieve this? Please share!

Thank you,


Hey, @k10 and welcome to the community!

On our end, we are just opening a Visualforce page in a new tab.

I hope that helps, Cheers!

Thank you for your response! Could you please elaborate on how you accomplished this? I’m trying to link to a Visualforce page via URL and it still opens the Skuid page with the Salesforce header.

I did some research, and I don’t think that SF allows users to remove the header at this current time.


I’m sure it’s possible, but it may require some custom JS/CSS on your end.

I was able to solve it by creating a custom lightning component tab with a simple window.open() on init to open the Skuid URL in the parent window!