Load Record into Page Include without Queue

Is it possible to load a record into a Page Include component without using a queue?  I have a button on the parent page to create a New Record, but i’m stumbled as to how to load the record into the Page Include…

I’ve got a similar situation where I’ve got a page include on page 2 of a wizard. Page 1 of the wizard determines the values for the page include, so I need to Lazy Load or I get an error, but when I do Lazy Load how do I load the page include? Need an option in the action framework.

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Scott.  You should be able to open a page include in any tab or in a popup.  You should also be able to pass data into the URL parameter using merge syntax and that way pass values into the page include.   You just have to make sure the page include gets launched after the data is set.  Jacks’ use of deferred rendering is one strategy.  You can also refresh the component using javascript once a value is set.