Load More Table View

Is it possible to load all rows in a table without having to click on the “Load More” button? I have Visible rows set to show all, but every time I go into the table I have to click on load more to see every thing in the table.

Make sure there is no limit on the model in the advanced tab.

That worked! Thank you very much!

Indeed, Moshe is right. But what if you want your cake and eat it too (and who doesn’t)?

Putting a limit of 10 on the model and setting the visible table rows to 10 makes for nice, snappy page loads. But then the user might set a filter combination that returns, say, 200 records that they want to export to Excel, say for an email campaign. To get those 200 records, they have to click Load More nineteen times. Then to export all 200, they have to go through each of the twenty pages and click the checkbox at the top left to select that page’s rows for export.

How can we have keep the snappy initial page load, but also make it easy to retrieve and export bigger chunks of records when the user wants to? It seems we need a new option on the model called “Number of records for Load More” and an option on the table to select all returned rows (not just those in the current page).

I know, I’m greedy, but this would be really nice. :slight_smile:

I think the appropriate answer here would be “Let them eat cake!”  Er, not really… 

We’ve done some thinking about the appropriate way to handle load more scenarios, but we have not yet put anything in place yet.  But we agree that the load more button is just a temporary solution. 

But there is one part of your example (painful as it may be) that I don’t think is necessary.  If you really want all 200 records,  and none are selected - when you push export,  it will export all 200 rows - even if they are hidden behind pagination.  Its only when you select a record that the excel export is limited to show only the selected records. 

Hey Rob … of course your right on the export bit. I’d forgotten that by unselecting everything and hitting export, you get all records (wood for the trees and all that). On the Load More question, I guess we could do a custom table action and write a script to do “Load All” for the time being.