Load more is not working with External Objects (related records)

We are using SKUID over the external objects in Salesforce. We have two external objects.

1. Events
2. Contacts. This has an external look-up to 'Events"

Requirement: I would like to show, all the contacts associated with a particular events in “Event” detailed page as a related list.

“Contact” model has a condition in SKUID as  EventID__C = (Event)(EventID__C) and I am limiting Max no.of records on this model to ‘20’. (advanced model settings)

Issue: In the Event detailed page, I can only see 20 records even though we have 100 contacts associated with this event. ‘Load More’ is not working as expected.

Limitation: I can remove the Max no.of records on this model since we are limiting this in the OData (external object)

Could you please let me know a work around. We are planning to go to live, all of the sudden found this issue.



Just to make we have this sorted in our heads, you’re using an OData Skuid Model to connect to Events, not using Salesforce’s “External Objects” feature then pulling in the data with a traditional Salesforce Skuid Model?

Let me put this way, sorry for the confusion.

1. We have created external objects in Saleforce using lightning connect. (Using OData Endpoints as external data sources).
2. Created SKUID model for these external objects. Started developing pages.

Hope it’s clear now.


Yep, that clears it up. We’ll have a look at it. Thanks! 

Thanks for your reply.

Could you please provide a time line? We are planning to go live and all of the sudden came across this.


I don’t have a timeline yet as we’ve just been made aware of the issue. I’ve been trying this out in our Dev Org, but I’m unable to replicate it so far. We’re connecting to the Northwinds public sample from odata.org via OData 2.0. Here’s a screen shot of our setup:

Would you compare that to your setup and let us know what’s different? Thanks.

Here is the screen-shot for more details,
Looks like I have this issue with “Load More” only when I try to display data from aggregate tables.


Ah! OK. That does make a difference. This isn’t an External Objects issue then. It’s an issue with Aggregate Models: they don’t support “Load More” at present. We already have an issue in our backlog to address this. I don’t have a target delivery date for it, but I’ve noted that you’ve mentioned it here in the Community, and we’ll be sure to keep this thread posted. 

Could you please recommend any work around?


We’d reccomend you create some mechanism to filter the data before you retrieve the aggregate model.  This way you can retrieve all of the aggregate rows without having a heap size issue.  


Sorry for the delay. This issue has been resolved in  Rockaway Point Release - Iteration 10 is now available from the Skuid Releases page at http://www.skuid.com/skuidreleases. As always, we recommend testing all changes in a Sandbox instance before rolling out to production.

Thank you for your patience as we got this fixed.