Load Model Data Using Add Rows in Skuid table

Hi All,

I am getting data from external sever in snippet.

After getting data from exteral server i loaded data in skuid table using a model.

I used following code :

f(result.results !== undefined && result.results.length>0){       
         $.each( result.results, function( index,objvalue ) {
                    var georgeBailey = ResultModel.createRow({
                        additionalConditions: [
                            { field: ‘StaffUserId__c’, value:objvalue.name},
                            { field: ‘EventName__c’, value: objvalue.accountName}
                        ], doAppend:true 

Its only appending row in skuid table but don’t shovalue in “StaffUserId__c” field and “Event Id” Field.

Can any one help after adding row is model using snippet how i can show in skuid table with out saving that model data?



My first stab would be to try removing 'var georgeBailey = ’

I removed 'var georgeBailey = ’  but stil not show data in table.