Load and use Custom settings values for input Fields

A drop-down(this value for Custom settings), with options pre-filled based on values entered in a table.
For example,
I am entering “Account number” field, values automatically pre populate from this custom setting values. I have used this custom settings options for so many input fields in SKUID page.
Is it possible?

If I understand correctly it is likely easy to do with simple action framework and models. Are you creating new accounts and using a template of sorts to prefill the values?

Is it possible to use Custom setting values in simple action framework and models?
Can you give some examples for this?

Custom setting values can be used in any Skuid page. There are brought just like any other object using models. Very easy to do. You could use these Custom Settings as a place to set you’re default values if you like.

When creating new roes in the action framework you can assign default values from any model into any field you choose so long as the data is compatible. ie. Account Name could get the default prefix from the Custom Setting called "Account_Name_Prefix__c field using mustache merge. Looks complex but it’s a way to easily access any value from practically anywhere in the skuid page.


$Model is needed when referencing a model from anywhere on the page (when out of context).
CustomSettingsModelNameHere si the name of the model.
data is to point to the records in the model.
0 is the first row in the model (0 based)
Account_Name_Prefix__c is the name of the field.
{{ & }} is the merge syntax

Siva,  can you flesh out your use case a little bit more?  Where are you pre-populating the account number? Or are you populating some other field based on the values of the account number? 

I need a little more clarity on what you are trying to do. 

Hi Rob,
I put Some values in Custom settings.
Now I put this below values in Custom settings(Later it will change as per my requirement).May be it will be a Text or Number.

Now i want to use this custom setting values in Skuid page as “picklist field” near Table filter option.
Then I will select one option from this picklist, this selected picklist value updated to Account(May be Account Number and Some Text fields)  and Contact fields.

Is it clear for you?
How to update this selected picklist value to Account and Contact fields?

Hai Rob,
I added custom settings value in Model. But I have faced some below issues.
1. I can’t add this custom setting Model value to “Table filter” select option value.Its only showing standard picklist fields options.
2.Is it possible to show custom setting Model values to Standard non-Picklist values in page(only for rendering)?

If I understand your use case correctly, it seems like your best bet is a field editor on your custom setting model with the lookup/picklist that you want your users to select. Then you can include a button on your table to update the values based on the value set in the field editor.

Thanks Jim. In my custom setting, field type is String.In field editor only showing picklist fields whenever we are showing “select option”.
Can you give sample page and code?How to place this custom settings values as select option?
Then selected this picklist value will update to Account and contact fields.

Because I haven’t added this custom setting value in Field editor. I have tried lot. But I can’t get