listener to control two exclusive checkboxes

I have an object with two checkbox fields (Primary and Secondary). For any record the checkboxes are exclusive - one or the either checkbox can be checked, or neither can be checked. I’ve got a Table of such records. How might I create a listener (event handler & renderer) that would enforce exclusivity? I created a listener that would force Secondary to be unchecked whenever Primary is checked, but I need the opposite to also be enforced. I’ve tried separate listeners on the two fields, but I can’t get both to work at the same time, and if they did I’d end up with dueling listeners. If I had complete control over the object, I’d replace the checkboxes with a picklist and display it as radio buttons, but I don’t. Here’s my one-way listener, for what it’s worth: var field = arguments[0], value = arguments[1], renderer = skuid.ui.fieldRenderers[field.metadata.displaytype], mode = field.mode; // Get the household members model we are using for the renderer var householdMembersModel = skuid.model.getModel(‘NewHouseholdMember’); if (mode == ‘edit’) { // Specify that we want to display our field as a checkbox field.options.type = ‘BOOLEAN’; } // Run standard renderer for the current mode (applies to read/edit mode) renderermode; // Function that will update the value of our HouseholdMember row’s Secondary field // based on the Primary field (can’t check both) var updatePrimaryField = function(){ // Find the selected HouseholdMember var newEntryId = field.model.getFieldValue(field.row,‘Id’); // Find the corresponding HouseholdMember record var entry = householdMembersModel.getRowById(newEntryId); var newSecondary = householdMembersModel.getFieldValue(entry,‘households__IsSecondary__c’); var newPrimary = householdMembersModel.getFieldValue(entry,‘households__IsPrimary__c’); alert("Primary Renderer: Primary = " + newPrimary + "
Secondary = " + newSecondary); // Force Secondary field to unchecked if Primary was checked if(newPrimary) field.model.updateRow(field.row,‘households__IsSecondary__c’,false); // Rerender the Secondary field in the row, if that field has been rendered. var item = field.editor.lists[0].renderedItems[field.row.Id]; if (item) { $j.each(item.fields,function(i,f){ if ( == ‘households__IsSecondary__c’) { f.render(); return false; } }); } }; if (mode == ‘edit’) { // If we do not yet have a value for our Primary field, update it. // if (!field.model.getFieldValue(field.row,‘households__IsPrimary__c’)) { // updatePrimaryField(); // } // Attach an event handler to our field’s checkbox element var input = field.element.find(‘input’); input.on(‘change’,function(){ updatePrimaryField(); }); }