List View Skuid page

Hi Guys,

Would like to ask since I am new to skuid. My client wants to have a customized list view. I have already created the page but I am not sure how to override the standard list view. I have a different approach in mind by creating an Object and assign the skuid page on it’s UI but not sure if that is the right approach.

Thank you!

Welcome to Skuid Kialdren.

There are good number of ways to deploy your Skuid pages. The best thing for you to do is review our documentation on the topic. Its pretty clear and very extensive.

There are also a few topics in our online learning platform (Skuid Skool) that cover the topic.

Thank you as always @Rob_Hatch

I can show the ropes too.

Also, take a look at these posts on LinkedIn where we can help each other. You’d get something cool made together with you, and I’d be getting feedback on the business processes I’m working on. Both at the same time. :smiley: