List of supported date functions in UI-only, help on date comparison

Hi all,

I understand from reading posts that there is not feature-parity between UI-only and CRM date functions used in formulas. Is there a handy guide to show what is and is not supported?

My specific needs may be doable, but my first tries have not worked. I have a Skuid page with a list of Opportunities and I need to:

  1. display the number of days elapsed since a custom date on the Opportunity in a UI-only field. I started by guessing this: TODAY() - {{Date_Added_to_Docket__c}} and I get a crazy big number. Perhaps I have to do it with specific parts of the date, but I’m hoping it’s straightforward.
  2. These Opportunities are grouped in a Campaign. I’d like to display the number of days since a date on the Campaign, so I have to reference a different object.

Can anyone point me to a solution for the above or tell me it can’t be done? Thanks for any guidance.


Hi John~

  1. The calculation you included is giving you the answer in milliseconds. If you want to round the number of days down between the 2 dates, you will want to change your formula to FLOOR((TODAY()-{{Date_Added_to_Docket__c}})/86400000) or if you want to round up, you would use CEIL instead of FLOOR.

  2. In Skuid, you can actually pull data from fields on related objects into the same model without needing to create a separate model. In your case, opportunity and campaign are already connected, as shown by the + next to Campaign ID in the opportunity model, so you would only need to have the opportunity model in your page.

Click on the + and you will have access to all of the fields on the campaign as shown below.

You can then use whichever date field you want in the campaign object to build another UI only field like above to calculate the time elapsed.

If the objects are not directly related, however, it requires a little bit more work but is also completely doable. To do so, you can reference the Referential Data Access section on this page

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Excellent, thanks for the great tip! Love the product.