List argument not passed into button on popup

Before upgrading to Rockaway, we were able to call list.getSelectedItems() from a button in a page title that is in a popup originating from a mass action. This was very valuable and allowed us to have mass actions that took some other input, and then fired a snippet looping through the selected rows.

Now the list option on arguments is gone when accessing from a popup derived from a mass action. Is there another way to get the originally selected rows?

Unfortunately, the list property was not part of our supported API and was “leaked” accidentally. Because this leak caused other issues, we “fixed” it in the Rockaway release.

We recognize that even undocumented features are used by our customers, and we should have been more explicit in our documentation that this was going away.

To answer your question, though, it is possible to get the selected rows from a table component. Using the table component’s unique Id, you can use Skuid’s API to get the component and it’s list. From that point, everything should behave as before:

&nbsp; &nbsp; &#47;&#47; Find the Javascript component var table =&nbsp;skuid&#46;$C('TableUniqueId'),<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; &#47;&#47; Get the associated List object<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; list = table&#46;element&#46;data('object')&#46;list; 

See Getting the selected records on a table without using mass/row action and instead using a button