Links for upgrading to the latest Skuid package

One of my orgs has an outdated version of the Skuid managed package. I found Skuid on the appexchange, and it took me through (way too many) pages asking for names and logins, After finally choosing to install in a production system, I was redirected to this page: . I’m not sure what to do here, though. Why am I on a partnerforce page? This won’t install Skuid in my client’s production org, will it? In any case, I do happen to have a partnerforce login, but when I used it the next page simply said I don’t have the correct permissions to get to the next step. I suspect something is wrong here? So, to get around this, I had to do some serious hunting around to find your page with the latest package install links. Finally found it here: Get the Latest Skuid Releases & Everything That Came Before . Please make a link to this more prominent or publicly findable.

i agree ( a lot !) . I searched my emails, looked in community, everywhere…
And now i’m not sure to install only the last patch ( is it cumulative ?!) or all of them …?



Thanks for your thoughtful input. I agree that navigating to the Skuid release page could be an easier process. I’ll post back on this page when we have implemented a simpler and more “discoverable” way to access the Skuid package releases.

As you identified, the link ( is the most direct path to major relases, nightly builds, and patchs.


I think we’ll spin up a tutorial soon that answers your questions. Until then, here’s your answer:

you only need to install the latest package release!

For example, the latest release version (at the time I write this) is 4.15.18 and is labeled “Patch of 4.15”. Even though, it says “patch”, the package contains the full version of Skuid. You do not need to install the latest major release before installing the patch. The patch contains all the code you will need.


+1 on this, I also was hunting through the app exchange my email, etc. until I found this thread and the release link. A prominent button somewhere on the help home page would be great. 

Now that the link isn’t on the Release Notes page anymore, how do we get the latest version?  I tried installing from the AppEx and I’m still getting an older version (plus being taken through the trial sign up)

Get the Latest Skuid Releases & Everything That Came Before is your friend. 

Can you clarify how the permissions are affected when installing a release in production?  If I choose admin only, do the user profile specific page viewing options stay in place?


When you upgrade Skuid, either in a sandbox or production environment, it will not affect the permissions that you have setup for your users.