Links are no longer opening in new Console Tab

We have a queue that we use to manage incoming email cases. This queue is built in Skuid and is used inside of a Service Cloud/Console App. This has been working great for many months.

However, after upgrading to Banzai, clicking on a case in the list view no longer opens the case in a new console tab. Instead it opens the case by overwriting the primary tab. Which means, that to get back to the queue, they have to switch to another tab in the App and then back to the email queue. Also, right before it loads I get several ‘Unable to connect to server’ errors (which I’ve never seen before either).

I’m not sure if there is a new way the visualforce page has to be built to make the tabs load correctly or what, but any assistance/ideas on how to get these pages to work again would be awesome.


Thanks for the regression report. We will look into it

Thanks. Can you keep me updated on this? The page in question here is used to maintain our email queue and is extremely important to our support staff. I can’t find any work arounds to get the records to open in a new console tab.

Is it possible for me to revert back to Superbank as a means of getting this page working correctly again while this is being looked into?

The only way to revert is to back up all your page and page assignment data - uninstall the package - and reinstall superbank and load everything back up again.  Its a huge pain. Sorry. 

Adam, we have applied a local hotfix in your org for the page you told us about in private communication. 

For anyone else experiencing this issue, please grant login access to Skuid and we will apply a local hotfix if necessary.

We are working to resolve this in version 7.6 of Skuid, the next forthcoming release of Banzai.

I’ve got the issue, but we can wait.  Thanks for the update, Zach.

Has this been fixed?  I think I am still experiencing it.

Chandra, can you confirm the latest version of Skuid Banzai is installed  (look at the skuidreleases page).  And detail a little more specifically what is happening to your users?   If you want to send an email to with those details we can take a look. 


Rob - I have a template field to open the detail page in a new tab. My template html looks like this:

Works fine, except it opens in the same tab - not opening a new one. I’ve also tried target="_top" with no luck.

I am having the same issue. When I’m in the console, clicking on a skuid list view is not opening the record detail page in a primary tab. Seems to coincide with the fact that we upgraded to the latest release. Please help.