Linking SurveyMonkey with SKUID using REST Model

I’m trying to set up a REST Model for my SurveyMonkey responses, but I’m having issues authenticating. I’ve set my Authentication Provider and Model Service with what I believe are the right settings. When I load my page it immediately asks for authorization from SurveyMonkey, which is great! But once I enter my credentials, I get the following error message: When I look at the URL for this popup, I see the following:

It looks like there is a “display=popup” parameter in the return url that’s causing some issues for SurveyMonkey. I know I’m not setting anything like that when I set up my adapter and model services, so I suspect this is something that SKUID adds to authentication requests. Is there a way to remove this from generated authentication requests? Thanks! Eulogio

Eulogio, this is an issue with Skuid’s OAuth — there’s no way for you to remove the display parameter to workaround this. We’ll get this fixed in our next release.

Thanks for the quick response Zach! Is this something that others have been experiencing? I’d be curious to see how others have used the REST Models and OAuth.

Most services I’ve dealt with don’t complain if you include non-standard query string parameters in the OAuth authorize request — apparently SurveyMonkey is stricter than most. The “display” parameter that’s causing the issue here is necessary for some services, such as Facebook, but should not be being included for all services as it currently is. 

Got it, thanks!

Eulogio, this has been fixed in Skuid’s Rockaway release, available now from

Thanks Zach! Any word on when the release notes will be available for Rockaway?

Coming this week I believe.