Linking data to Quickbooks online (Banzai)

With the help of Banzai I’m curious if anyone here has successfully linked their data to quickbooks online? 

Very interested in this as well.

I’d do this for myself if only I had some documentation and/or sample pages. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, any guidance on this would be great.

Anyone with progress on Quickbooks Integration they can share?

Quickbooks isn’t so friendly to Banzai. As far as I have been able to investigate Quickbooks Online does not have an API.

I’m having success with Workato. Let me know if it something that works for and I can provide a discounted price as I’m a partner. :slight_smile:

Pat- this is what I was looking at: Any other issues you are seeing in regards to not being friendly to Banzai?

Unfortunately, we have an OEM app and need an integrated solution built in.

REST API is something I’d like to have in my wheel house, but it’s not as of yet.

Workato offered me the path of least resistance. :wink: