Link to Salesforce Lightning page for same record?

Is it possible to implement a Skuid button/interaction/action to open a Salesforce record what would be the normal Salesforce pages if there wasn’t Skuid?

Looking to make a ‘Open this record in Lightning’ button escape hatch for users (probably really just me, as admin) to view/edit the record.

At the moment I’m just using ‘previews’ of my Skuid pages for testing, and any link I click on goes to the Lightning pages, but I’m at the point where I need those to go to the skuid pages. But my pages are not full featured yet…

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


Thanks. I’m missing something here. That link ends up “URL No Longer Exists”.

I added a button group+button to my page. (Used the ‘fallback’ icon, very appropriate)
I have the action for the button action type be “Go to URL”
I have the URL be:


(It’s called from a header with no model context, so I spell it out)
and I end up with a new browser tab (as desired) with a URL like

Which shows “URL No Longer Exists”, in Salesforce Classic.

Obviously I don’t have something wired up right. I didn’t find Skuidskool on Deployment very helpful. Boils down to ‘read the docs’, but it did have the links.

From the docs, makde a Skuid Page Assignments->Lightning page for my Skuid page.
I then made a new lightning page and added my ‘commitment’ skuid page as the only thing on the page via Custom Manager->Skuid Page and that shows my skuid page as expected for the defined record type.

All the Skuid docs I’m finding related to this sort of ‘goto url’, are v1 pages.

As best as I can figure, I’m displaying the Skuid page within a ‘normal’ lightning page.
That lightning page is configured to show for the object/recordtypes I defined in page activation.

So I’m unclear how Skuid can open the page in salesforce, when salesforce is opening the page in skuid. If that makes sense.

Thanks again

Hey Seth!

A couple things, I think nooverride=1 may only work in Classic. Here’s an IdeaExchange topic you can vote for:

That being said, there’s a fews ways I can think of a few ways you can get to the standard content.

  1. If you haven’t deployed Skuid in Lightning at all, or if you unassign those Lightning pages that contain Skuid, then just /{{Id}} link on your Skuid page will take you to the vanilla Lightning page.

  2. If you don’t mind having Skuid & Lightning side by side, you could add back in some of those standard Salesforce components in another part of the page (like the related lists etc.)

  3. OR, in your user settings, go back to the Classic Runtime, them you can use Pat’s nooverride=1 solution from your Skuid page - this will take you to the default page in Salesforce Classic. This seems like it would be good just for a limited number of users for development, but not as a long term solution.

What’s the long term goal for the app? To be entirely “in Skuid” with no Lightning header? (This is technically the Visualforce runtime). Will users need to be switching back between your Skuid app and other apps / functionality in Lightning?

Let me know if this is clear and if it helps at all :joy:

re: Skuid Skool
Thanks for your feedback about Skuid Skool. What information were you hoping to find there that you couldn’t find? Did you find the course not helpful in general, or just not helpful to answer your specific question?

In case you didn’t see it, we do have some newer courses about deployment that launched in February (Neither of them talk about your specific case, but they do talk about different runtimes and have a bit more info than the Level 1 course)




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