Link to a New Task from Cutstom Object Page

I have a skuid custom page for a custom object (Loan). I have various links to create a new Task or event. I want to pass in the Loan.Id as what_id for the event as a part of the URL. I have tried various syntax, but none of them seem to work:


What is the correct syntax for getting the id from a mode? 

I had used the following (convoluted) snippet in the past but it doesn’t seem to work any more:


Depends on how you’re using to create new Loans. Are you using standard functionality? If so, see the below screenshot as instructions.

Otherwise, then you’d be using a skuid page. Lemeno.

Jae. For at least one release of Banzai the ID15 value was not being populated.  Make sure you are on the most recent version of Skuid.  You probably do need to pass the 15 character ID into the task.  

Thank you. I updated Skuid and updated the ID and it works now!