Limited model conditions with Skuid Platform?

I am pulling in data from a Dynamo DB database and just noticed the when setting a condition on a field that is a string I only have an option to select "Single value’ equals … something.

Is there any way to set a condition that “contains” a certain string as we can on skuid for sf?

David, it is not currently possible to specify the Operator to use when Conditions to DynamoDB Models, but this is on our near-term roadmap. We have slated it for an upcoming sprint, so it should be available soon.

DynamoDB has a limited set of operators that it supports on Text fields, so what we can do is limited by DynamoDB’s capabilities, but here is what we are targeting to provide:

Single specified value
- Equals
- Does not equal
- Starts with
- Contains
- Does not contain

Multiple specified values
- In
- Not in

Any feel for how far away these may be … noticed the mention of an upcoming sprint. Are we talking Usain Bolt or my sprinting speed )