Limit on number of conditions on a model

I am trying to default the Shipping and Billing Address of a Quote with the Shipping and Billing Address of the Account related to the Opportunity related to the Quote. Shipping address is populating but billing address is not. I have other conditions are well for default other fields. Overall I have 14 conditions with only first two for grouping logic.

So my question is whether there is a limit of how many conditions I can have in a model.

There isn’t really a limit. Eventually, you run out of data space for the XML of that page, but we’ve never seen anyone actually come close to hitting this limit.

However, I think the issue is the grouping logic. If you enter anything in the Grouping Logic box, you have to enter something for each condition. In other words, if you have 14 conditions, but only enter “1 OR 2” in the Grouping Logic box, you will only get records where condition 1 OR condition 2 is true. The rest of the conditions will be ignored. Does this get it working for you?