Limit height of table row??

I have a table with a Rich Text field. I have a dream where I can limit the height of the rows of the table and have a scroll bar on the rich text field that will allow me to view the entire contents of the rich text field. Is such wizardry possible?

Hi Raymond, for this you can target a specific table column with inline CSS like this:

td:nth-child(6) &gt; &#46;nx-field &gt; &#46;nx-fieldtext {&nbsp; &nbsp; <br />&nbsp; &nbsp; height: 100px;<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; overflow-y: scroll; &nbsp; &nbsp;<br />}

where the number “6” is the column to apply the rule to. You can change that as well as the height of the cell. You might also want to set separate max-height: and min-height: values instead of just one universal value. This way of targeting the column by nth-child appears to work well with the new user-end ability to hide and organize columns. 

If you need to apply this behavior specifically to one table and column, you would want to add the table’s unique ID# and the css selector would look something like this:

#sk-2zm-Ss-216 table&#46;nx-skootable-data tbody&nbsp;td:nth-child(6) &gt; &#46;nx-field &gt; &#46;nx-fieldtext {&nbsp;<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; height: 100px;&nbsp; &nbsp; overflow-y: scroll; }

where sk-2zm-Ss-216 would be replaced with your table’s unique ID. 

Fantastic! Thanks Mark!