Limit global multi picklist values

In salesforce I have a global picklist with 50 items.  In a multi picklist I have 50 items to select from and in a second multi select picklist I only want to show 40 of the 50 as visible and selectable. Both of the mutiplicklists are using the same global picklist. Can this be done with Skuid?

Someone asked this a while ago and I mentioned trying a UI only field with only the options they wanted. It would update the Salesforce field upon save with the value chosen in the UI only field. I think they replied that it worked.


Have you tried using the global picklists in other picklists like explained in this tutorial


Hi Bill -

Assuming the second picklist is not a depdendant picklist, this can be done via a custom field renderer where you manipulate the available options presented to the user for the second multi-picklist.  This does require javascript unfortunately.  There are some examples of how to accomplish this via javascript within the community.

If javascript is off the table, then I think your only options are:

1) Duplicate your global picklist as another global picklist or just object level picklist with the reduced set of options

2) Use a UI only field as Raymond describes hardcoding the 40 items in your Skuid page instead of in another global picklist.  I would not recommend this approach just due to maintenance issues but technically it should work in combination with some action framework update field actions.

3) This one I'm not sure of and I've never tried myself but I think it will work - Use recordtypes to restrict which picklist values are eligible for fields.

Hope this helps!