Lightning Service Cloud/Go To URL Parent Window

I wanted to share this with community and SKUID employees about the Go To URL feature and specifically its use within the Lightning Service Cloud Console. Before the finding, here is context:

We are currently using a SKUID v1 page, version 12.2.21, and have a Salesforce Lightning button that opens the URL page of our SKUID page. The page opens as a sub-tab within the console. On the skuid page, I have a button that does a re-direct to another URL altogether, and our intent is that it opens a new tab on the browser, not the console. I provided a screenshot for context.

User: 'image1.PNG'

In the screenshot image, I circled said button, which contains a standard GotoURL action with the feature method of opening in an existing browser/new tab (called current window I believe). It does perform the action as intended , leaving the console to the new page but the catch is that it returns to the primary working tab (in this example a case) instead staying on the SKUID page sub-tab (sub-tab is still open but not the showing tab when you return). Moreover, I tried the option of GotoURL parent window, which as I understand it should override the existing browser. However, this option is doing what I want the first option to do: opening a new tab in the existing browser and taking you to the tab. When you return back to the old tab, you are still on the SKUID sub-tab and not the primary working tab (case).

In summary: the GoToURL from within the Service Cloud Console when you run the page through a button is not exactly working as intended. I know Service Cloud Console can be a challenge especially with how I am introducing the SKUID page, but I wanted to share nonetheless to raise awareness. And, I am getting the result I want using the PARENT window feature, however its really not doing what it is supposed to.

Hello Nicholas,

Thanks for sharing this writeup! I appreciate the level of detail in it. I’m working on trying to create a reproduction in the latest version of Skuid to see if this behavior is still present. I want to make sure that I have a pretty similar setup on my page to reproduce. What does your URL on the “Go toURL” action look like? Is it a complete URL or is it relative?

Thanks in advance!


Clark, I am so sorry I just saw this message now. The URL is a link that sends our user to our ERP…it contains some references in it to get them to the correct record.

Does that help?

Hey @Nicholas_L are you still experiencing this issue?

If you’re still on 12.2.21, could you try upgrading to the latest version of Skuid in a non-business critical sandbox and see if this makes a difference in how the action behaves?

How to Upgrade Skuid on Salesforce

  1. Instructions for upgrading
  2. Best practices for upgrading

As a reminder, Salesforce does NOT allow reverting back to prior versions of managed packages. Skuid always recommends installing new versions in a non-business critical sandbox to test all mission critical functionality before installing into a production environment. After upgrading, please also remember to update out of date Themes and Design Systems.