Lightning page not rendering ; stuck in "loading"

Trying to load Tasks content that displays in lightning onto Skuid page. The data is loading into the model via yet it is not displaying in the UI.

Skuid page view:

and if you look into, the subject contents have been captured

Recommendation on how to resolve?

What happens if you toggle hide then show the component? Curious what happens if it is re rendered.

Hi Harry, the “loading…” message is displaying because Skuid is trying to render load record-type specific picklist metadata for the Subject field. If this is getting stuck, it’s probably because you don’t have the API Enabled permission, or you don’t have enough API requests. So, a couple questions:

1. What version of Skuid are you running?
2. In what context are you viewing this page? i.e. if in Visualforce, then in a Site, Community, or regular logged-in user, or if in Lightning, then in regular Lightning Experience, a Community?
3. Do you have the “Skuid Page Viewer” permission set assigned to your user profile?

Hi Zack,

Answers to your questions:

  1. Version 12.1.1
  2. Viewing from the regular Lightning experience
  3. Permissions are correctly configured

Does this help? 

Hi, No change noted.

Harry, can you grant login access to Skuid Support and send an email with the following to support at

1. Org Id
2. URL we can go to where we can see this happening.

This was provided when asked through a direct email. Have you been able to access? 

Update: we have isolated the source of the issue, but are still investigating the root cause and how best to address it. The issue is not affecting all environments, but work is actively being done to figure out why this is happening. Best workaround at present is include Skuid via a Visualforce Page within Lightning Experience instead of using the native Skuid Page lightning component.