Lightning connect/external object support?

I’m working with using skuid & the new lightning connect/external objects features, and have run into a few issues. The main issue is that objects with parent relationships defined as the new “External Lookup Relationship” don’t seem to be supported - in the models, I cannot access fields from the parent object like I normally can with a “normal” Salesforce object. Skuid just says that the external lookup field is a string, instead of recognizing it as a lookup. Is this something that is currently supposed to be supported? Or is this issue currently expected with the latest release?

This behavior with External Lookup Relationships is a bug. It will be fixed in the next Skuid patch release (Patch 7).

Awesome, glad to hear it’ll be fixed soon. Do you happen to have an estimate of when the next patch will be out?

Probably within the next week.

Sounds great - I’ll keep an eye out for the update.

Is this fixed in Patch 7? I still see the same issue.

It should be fixed, yes. Have you installed Patch 7? If you are experiencing this issue with Patch 7 installed, can you describe in more detail what you are seeing?