Lightning Component: Id=Param(Id) Not Loading + Solution

I was troubleshooting why some of my custom object record pages were loading in Lightning and others were not when I stumbled upon a unique discrepancy between the XML code for the condition Id = (param) id among my Skuid pages.

For the Non-Working pages, the XML outputted

<conditions>             <condition type="param" value="Id" field="Id" operator="=" state="" novaluebehavior="" enclosevalueinquotes="true"/>

For the Working pages, the XML outputted
<conditions>                <condition type="param" value="id" field="Id" operator="=" enclosevalueinquotes="true" novaluebehavior=""/>

I'm unclear as to why the page compiler outputted two different XML codes; however, replacing the non-working code with the working code...well works. I did this across all the custom objects where record detail pages weren't loading and they all resolved themselves.

Hi Erik -

Thanks for your post - 

Within Lightning, the record detail pages look specifically for the “id” parameter.  Here’s the Lightning documentation for more information about Skuid + Lightning.

This particular change is called out in the following statement on the tutorial.
"Ensure that any detail components look for the id page parameter—which is always passed into Lightning record detail pages."

Good luck with the rest of your Lightning migration!