Lightning: Any way to check if the Skuid page in a component is rendered and display a 'loading' eff

Hey folks!

A Lightning component that includes a Skuid page will often render the Skuid page later than the rest of the component. This is often quite a short delay but is sometimes more pronounced. I was wondering if there was a way of checking to see if the Skuid page bit had rendered and conditionally displaying a loading wheel (or something like that) whilst the Skuid page is loading?



What version of Skuid? Should be working in version 10.0.6. It wasn’t showing the “Loading…” text up until this time. See this post.

Yo - this is for a lightning component that includes a Skuid page - rather than a Skuid page including a Skuid page:

Something like this:

<aura:component> <aura:if isTrue="Skuid-page-has-rendered"> <skuid:page page="Lovely_Skuid_Page" /> <aura:set attribute="else"> Some-Loading-Wheel-Thing </aura:set> </aura:if> </aura:component>

Yeah … ok.

you could use javascript to introduce the blockui on page load and then a pageLoad model to create a row on page load to enable to model actions to subsequently unblock.

That’s a good idea. So use blockui and turn it off when an event is published from the Skuid page to the surrounding lightning component? Feels like a weekend project… I’ll take a look!

Oh wow - I just saw this - somehow missed it in my search:…

This looks to do the trick.