Let users store saved versions of a table layout

Building on this idea - where you have two buttons, and each one stores a specific table layout and lets users switch back and forth: http://community.skuid.com/skuid/topics/snippet-to-show-hide-set-of-column-in-table

Let users arrange a table however they want (reorder and show/hide columns), then save that layout, give it a name, and be able to call it up later. Should also include whatever filters (conditions) were present at the time and any values there. Ideally also check if any Sorting was applied and save that. 

Our use case is users have a list of patients, the table has a possible 50 columns with all kinds of data. Users sometimes want to see just two columns, other times a different set of 5 columns, sometimes they’ve applied a filter as well. And with 100 different users, there isn’t necessarily enough overlap to say, build a tab with a dedicated table for a particular use case. 

We’re looking at utilizing a custom object (maybe Saved View) to store personalization settings, then let users choose from a list of Saved Views to quickly change between their own personal table layouts. Not sure how we’d tackle conditions and condition values, or ORDERBY clauses.

It seems like this could be an additional feature of the Table Component somehow. Got the idea from looking at a CRM where this was possible. 

We have this need, and we use a Tab Set set to render as a picklist.  Then we just have the table view sitting on the tab.  The beauty of Tab Sets is that they remember the user’s selection.

Neat workaround. If you have a series of preset views that works. And Skuid being what it is you could respond to requests for a new view pretty quick. 

I’d still like to get to a point where users could define their own saved views, but it might be more trouble than it’s worth.

I think we could probably find 10 or so preset views to meet initial needs, then users could manipulate each table.   

Actually, you could start with 10 of the exact same table, and let each user manipulate each table as they pleased. You could start out with tabs called View 1, View 2, View 3 etc, then, using 10 text fields, maybe on the User record, you could let users name each View, which would then rename the tab. 

No code that way too. 

Thanks for the idea!

Love this idea. This is something we’ve talked about and really want to do. Being transparent, it’s not on the docket for the near term, but it’s part of a group of improvements that all revolve around giving the end user more control over their experience that we’ve identified as highly desirable once we have some breathing room after the next major release.