Lead Convert using Skuid with standard Lead convert page

I am trying to use standard Lead convert process from SKuid interface by passing the SaveURL and RetURL. But In Standard Lead Convert, there might be scenario user will be asked first select the account(step1) and then select the existing Contact(step 2) inorder to complete the Lead conversion. Convert button clicked on step1 its returns to SaveURL page but I am not find how to negative to Step2 if exits and then return to skuid page(saveURL page).
In Skuid page Button Redirect to URL value is 

One option might be to create a Convert page and use the Wizard component to walk you through the required steps. Then use the Save button to do the Redirect to the page you want.

In our CRM org we use the following url redirect code to send the user from a lead to the standard salesforce conversion process. 


This takes the user to the conversion page (Step 1) and if an existing account is chosen, and a contact matches - it goes to the contact matching page (Step 2). 

The fact that we can simply use ID’s in the RetURL is because we have page overrides set up to take users to Skuid pages.