Lead Activity Conversion

I’m building activity related tabs for each of our Account, Opportunity, Contact, and Lead Detail’s Pages. Everything is working and linking appropriately; however, when converting leads the activity information isn’t transfering over respectfully. This is the conditional layouts I have setup as of now.

  1. Company
  2.      AccountId = (param) id
  3.      WhatId = (param) id
  4. Contact
  5.      WhoId = (ContactData(Id)
  6.      WhatId = (ContactData)(AccountId)
  7. Opportunity
  8.      WhoId = (Opportunity)(ContactId)
  9.      WhatId = (Opportunity(AccountId)
  10. Leads
  11.      WhoId = (Param) Id
I just wanted to see if anyone could see issues as to why the lead conversion isn’t keeping the activity information. As of right now everything links & when Opportunity has a Key Contacted associated, that activity information also appears in contacts (working fine). 

If I can get this working i’ll put together screenshots of exactly what I’ve set up because i’m sure other users would like to have this feature as well. 

I assume you are using the standard Lead Conversion routine in Salesforce that creates Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities.  It should bring over all activities related to the lead and associate them with the Contact (As the WhoID).  The What ID will be blank,  but the AccountID will be set to the Account that was created (or added to). 

I would adjust your conditions as follows. 

Company.  Make sure you put  (1 OR 2 ) in the grouping logic statement (click on the condition section of the model). 

Contact.  I think you will want to remove the Account ID condition.  Since the lead conversion process doesn’t fill in What ID on the Lead’s activities - your query will fail. 

Opportunity.  Same as contact. 

So far everything’s linking great, will do more testing & post the screenshots shortly once I’ve made some more sample activities. Truly a lifesaver, thanks so much!

Having a few issues with other user’s data now being pulled into the tables as a result of the changes, though i’ve conditioned CreatedById = (userinfo) User Id. 

Will keep testing today & tonight & may post again if issue persists, but I think ill be able to handle it at this point.

Got everything working. Will put some screenshots together & issues I overlooked when building this

Thanks for following up, Erik! It would be great to see your screenshots etc, thanks for sharing these issues and fixes with us!

Here are the screenshots of our org’s Task History setup. We’ve customized a version of the Skuid provided custom pages so if you’ve been to the Github, you can apply the same filters to display activities throughout all relevant places.

Only issue I ran into was remembering to add the Grouping Logic to the conditions for Companies

Task History

Open Tasks

Task History

Open Tasks

Task History

Open Tasks