Lazy load disabled but page includes still take ages to load

As the title says, I’ve got several page includes on a page and none of them have the lazy load checkbox checked. However, they all show delayed loading behaviour where, after clicking the tab for the page include, the page include does not load for several seconds.

Does anyone have any other ideas for where I should check to solve this? I’m at a loss. 

There are also settings for the whole tabset, and for the individual tab that control how page includes get rendered.

At tabset level - you need to uncheck the “Defer Rendering” property.

At the Tab level - you need to uncheck the Lazy Load include components (note - this is on the advanced tab…)

Having said this - be warned that this change will make your page slower to initially load. All the loading delay you are experiencing will now block the initial display of the page. Your cure may be worse than the disease…

Thanks Rob! I knew there must be something I was missing.