LastViewedDate field not available on first page load, must refresh

I thought maybe this was related to the blank screen on first load, which has affected us a lot:[setting…

But then I couldn’t reproduce it when I went Incognito (though I was able to reproduce an initial blank screen), and I’m not able to reproduce it consistently. 

Video of the error. I had been waiting to see it again to make this, but of course forgot to open up the console. When I see it next, I’ll record a new video, unless someone knows about this issue with LastViewed Date

Update: tried to embed the video, and it shows up on the Edit screen, but hides after saving. [Would be nice if y’all supported Ilos Video links - they’re a really neat company for doing screen recordings, based in Minneapolis but doing the TechStars program here in San Antonio for a few months]

Still getting this issue 4 months later in Rockaway 8.8. Any ideas why I’d be getting “No such column ‘LastViewedDate’ on entity ‘Opportunity’.” ?