Lag issue with specific page


This issue has been getting worse and worse for my users and nothing I tried seems to be able to resolve it.

I’ve followed every tip and went through all documentation i could find regarding this sort of issue, but to no avail.

If possible could maybe one of you point me in the right direction or let me know what is cause of issue?

The page loads properly and fast enough, but issues are mainly lag when interacting with Picklist fields and at some moments when typing in notes.

I’ve recorded the screen of one of the users to show the issue I’m experiencing, which is not at it’s worse, but at least will give you an idea.

here’s a link to video on my dropbox:

Pls notice the lag when changing picklist values and trying to type in a note or skipping a line…

It gets worse as the day goes


Hi Dave,

Do you know if you have any “on field update” actions running on that model? Another thing I might look at is check out the network console and see if any new entries are being added when a picklist value is changed. It looks like some kind of long-running synchronous (blocking) process is being run each time one of those picklist values is changed.

Hi Ben,

Thank you for quick reply.

I do not have any model actions at all and only have 1 model on that page

From what i can see, Switching Picklist does not generate any network activity on the test i just did
And issue happens as well often when inputing  a note, i would type, nothing would appear on screen and then couple seconds later the text will appear as if typed at superhuman speed

Let me know if you would like me to grant you login access 

Thank you!

Hi Dave,

If you grant us login rights using these instructions……

I’ll take a look.

Thank you Ben,

Email has been sent :slight_smile:

Hi Dave,

I was able to reproduce this issue on your page. It looks like Skuid is unnecessarily re-rendering a lot of your template fields whenever a change is made to data on that table. The only workaround I can think of for now would be to not use template fields on that table and instead use “single-field” columns. I’m writing this one up as a bug, and we should be able to get it patched in an update of Banzai or Rockaway.


Thank you for feedback and for looking into it.

I will try to make changes you suggested in meantime that it gets fixed