Jira Dev Board for Skuid?

Just like this board.

Adding a Kanban board component and/or modifying the Deck component with configuration options to support this functionality is something we are considering (and working towards with some new drag-and-drop functionality in the near future). We also have a new JIRA data source integration coming in our Q4 2017 release.

Specifically interested in seeing a parent-child relationship between lists and cards.

A simple use case would be to have multiple lists dynamically displayed based on records in an object. Further, I’d love to see the option to create, delete and reorder these lists. ie. Trello lists.

Then an updated deck component could be used to display the cards, so long as context can be used for it’s list parent record.

Seems like we have similar development efforts going. TBH I’d rather contribute the efforts we’ve made and give Skuid the code we’ve created to date if that moves things faster. We once had ambitions for commercially releasing custom components, but there’s simply too much to juggle with professional services. Also have a few other nifty components that enable a more polished UX.


Would love to see this. We were trying to use the old drag&drop series of queues and build a custom component that would dynamically generate the appropriate number of queues within a responsive grid, but it got crazy pretty fast.

Can I “me too” this feature? Would be awesome. Ideally I need to be able to arbitrarily select the field that’s used to split the columns. And ideally that field wouldn’t just be a picklist but could also be a reference field or text field.

Hi Jackson,

Was the new Jira data source integration released?  I can’t seem to find any info on that.


Hi William,
We do have the JIRA data source type in the works, but not released yet. We made it available in beta to some customers and found some additional work we need to do before making it generally available. I apologize for the lack of clarity on our part. It should be ready for our late summer release.

Any update on when we will see this released? We have a need for JIRA integration as well, and it’d be great to use it in Skuid directly.

Hi Korey,
Thanks for checking in on this. Completing the JIRA data source integration was significantly lowered in priority over the last year in favor of SQL data source types and REST integration improvements (coming in the 12.0 Spark release). It’s still on the backlog, but the soonest it might make it into the product would be the 12.1 or 12.2 update in the first half of 2019.