It would be great if I could define a series of actions, name it, and assign it to a trigger event a

Currently, you define a series of actions and assign them to one trigger event. If you need to do the same actions for another trigger event, you need to either put all of the logic in a global snippet that can be assigned to both or define all of the same steps again under the second trigger event. For example, maybe you want to requery model data, reset conditions, hide/show buttons or messaging after a few different trigger events, such as A) a successful save, B) Identifying interim changes by another user that trumps your save or C) Capturing a data change in a reference list. It would be more efficient to create a global action series like “Refresh Parent Account” that has all of your steps related to displaying messages and buttons dependent on the parent account. You could add it as a single step to each separately defined trigger event, as part of their unique action sets.

This is a great idea Cari, we definitely understand the use case.

Perhaps these could be defined on the Resources tab under a new “Stored Actions” heading, or something similar.