Issues with Unpacking Page Assignments (Skuid 7.27.4)

Several issues with Unpacking Page Assignments:

1) When an error is encountered (e.g. Page Assignment exists in the pack for a page that does not exist), if you click the “X” in upper right of the dialog (or dismiss through one of the buttons) and then try to import the pack again, each error appears twice (doing it again, it will appear 3 times).  The popup dialog is not “clearing the model” of errors prior to running the import each time.

2) If you make changes (or do not make any) on the error dialog and click “Save corrections”, if something is still in error, the dialog dismisses and it appears as if everything worked even though it did not.  For example, if the error is “page doesn’t exist”, if you leave the “Page Name” field blank and click “Save Corrected” the assignment is just skipped and no further error reported.  “Save Corrections” should rerun the entire validation.

3) When trying to update the “object type” field on the error dialog, the dropdown list appears behind the dialog so you can’t pick from the list.  To repro, trigger and error (e.g. page doesn’t exist), then start typing in the Object Type field - the drop down will appear behind the error dialog itself.  The “Page to Use” drop down does not exhibit this behavior.

4) If you choose to unpack a page that isn’t a Page Assignment Pack (e.g. Pages pack) you get VF Remoting Exception "No such column ‘skuid__Type__c’ on sobject of type skuid__Page_Assignment__c’

5) The dialog itself is not very intuitive and there is no explicit way to cancel the operation (your only choice is clicking the “X” in the upper right).  Possibly adding some further instruction to the top of the dialog to explain that you can “fix” the errors or having the table start in “edit” mode instead of read w/ inline edit.  The table rows are editable, it’s just not obvious that they are and that you can fix the problems.


Hi, Barry,
These are definitely improvements to be made. I will report them to our dev team. On #4, we should probably not be bringing Page Packs into the list of Page Assignment Packs. Thanks for reporting those issues!

Thanks Emily.  Regarding #4, would be helpful to not have page Packs brought in for selection.  That said, if I remember correctly, Skuid pulls in the options based on the contentType of static resources.  If this is the case, then even excluding page packs wouldn’t account for all possible selectable items that aren’t page assignments.  For this reason, I think solving for any static resource that isn’t a page assignment pack instead of just excluding page packs would be a preferred approach.  In short, if Skuid cracks open the static resource and its not a page assignment pack, proper error messaging should be displayed.  Just my $0.02, hope this makes sense.  Thanks!

I believe you’re exactly right. We are currently just looking at the MIME type of the resource, and not enforcing any naming convention. It would be a really nice update that we can hopefully get to sometime soon.
Thanks for your $0.02… very helpful!