Issues with pulling specific contact field data into new Skuid table

Hi Skuid Community,

I hope you all can help me! I am working on creating my first (exciting!) Skuid dashboard to deploy into Salesforce.

I am wanting to create a bar graph that shows monthly donors (over the last 12 months) and am struggling in pulling over a few fields (see the fields circled in red in the attached) into this table (I will make this a bar graph later once I can get all the data pulled over).

I wanted to see if there was any way to edit the Field Id name? I would like to pull the field data (the fields circled in red in the screenshot) from the Contact Record instead of from the Opportunity section. Is this possible?

Is It possible to pull this field data successfully straight from the Contact Record?

The reason I ask is the fields circled in red in the screenshot do not exist in the opportunity portion of Salesforce.

Thanks for your help and please see the attached for reference to this question.

This issue has been resolved. Thank you!

Thanks for letting us know it got resolved. Welcome to the community! I hope your dashboard is legendary! (for all the right reasons…)