Issues with page includes in Brooklyn

We installed Brooklyn in a sandbox we are working with and have noticed a couple of peculiarities when it comes to page includes.

1. Inline Javascript in our page includes doesn’t appear to be functioning anymore. However we were able to run the script in question from a button press. Has anymore else in the community experienced this?

2. Passing query strings to page includes has also presented some problems.

a) Date fields don’t appear to be making the trip from parent page to page include anymore.

b)  Originally when passing URL parameters in query strings to page includes, referencing a lookup field through the Skuid merge syntax would provide the Id of the relevant record to the page include, now it appears to pass the name

Eg. Passing {{$}} now provides “Standard Price Book” instead of the 15 digit Id. We are now having to provide {{$}} to get the same functionality.

Is this a bug or a deliberate change? A lot of our existing builds rely on the former convention holding true.

That said, we love Brooklyn. Thanks for all the updates team!

Passing lookup field name instead of Id is really causing issues for us as well. In addition, page includes are rendering over the skuid navigation sub item. This is causing several of our detail pages to obstruct available sub menu items.

Yeah - I’ve had a ton of issues as well with both. I’ve just been putting in the actual Id, but it’s broken pretty much everywhere.

Also, my inline js is still having issues as well.