Issues with my domain and skuid namespace urls

We currently have a domain setup in Salesforce (ex: and have just recently begun to move our visualforce pages over to skuid pages. I am running into an issue with button url redirects from the new skuid pages to some of our existing visual force pages with different namespaces. Here is what is happening:

I have a new page for viewing Accounts that resides at the /id url which correctly redirects to https://abc– The problem then becomes a button on the page the redirects to /apex/hierarchy?id=001U000000ikYoGIAU which causes the page to redirect to https://abc– Because abc–skuid is in the base url the page cannot be found by Salesforce because the namespace which is embedded into the url is not able to switch back to to my namespace abc–custom.

One other thing to complicate this is that I currently build and test the pages in our Sandbox environment and move them over to production. Thus I am extremely reluctant to just put our full prod domain for the url redirect as a solution.

I was unable to find a page property or some other method of deriving my default domain while setting up the url redirect or some other way to get back to my namespace from the skuid namespace.

Let me know if any more information is needed.


This is a pretty common problem.  The answer is to preface your link with c__   which forces salesforce to get the default namespace instead of the app specific namedspace.  In your case the button link would be:   /apex/c__hierarchy?id=001U000000ikYoGIAU

See some more information on this StackExchange post:

Ah thank you, works perfectly now.